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We perform sleep studies to determine what is disturbing your sleep. During a sleep study several variables are measured:

Oxygen Levels

Heart Beat

Air Flow

If you suffer from the following

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What's Next?

If you or a loved one struggles with any of the ailments above, follow these 6 steps:


Take our free sleep quiz

The most common sign of sleep apnea is snoring. Complete a quick 60-second assessment to learn if you might be suffering from or at risk for sleep apnea.


Contact Asleep at Home

After taking the Sleep Quiz, send your results to the Asleep at Home team and attend a quick virtual visit with a medical provider.


Complete a Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Study

The medical provider may recommend you schedule a Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Sleep Study to get a better idea of your sleeping habits. Our sleep tests can be done in the comfort of your home or at a nearby sleep lab.


Discuss treatment options

Our board-certified sleep specialist will review your sleep test results. If you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, they will write a prescription for CPAP therapy and the necessary equipment. Read on for treatment options and next steps.


Order CPAP Mask & Equipment

Shop CPAP mask and equipment to find a mask to meet your specific needs. Your CPAP mask is one of the most important parts of therapy, so we provide a variety options to ensure comfort, durability and a restful night’s sleep. 


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With the right CPAP equipment, you will sleep better and gain back control of your life.

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