Sleep Apnea Tests & Diagnosis

“An accurate sleep test such our Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Study is the first step to proper diagnosis of Sleep Apnea and the creation of a treatment plan to help patients sleep better long-term.” says Dr. David Ware, Asleep at Home’s board-certified Sleep Specialist.

Why should I get tested for sleep apnea?

Sleep is vital to our overall way of life. Poor quality sleep can affect our personal health, family life and work.

Without good quality sleep, the body experience fatigue, trouble concentrating, headaches, and lacks productivity.

Sleep apnea can also increase your risk for developing other chronic and life-threatening conditions such as an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and dementia.

Getting started


Take our free sleep quiz

The most common sign of sleep apnea is snoring. Complete a quick 60-second assessment to see if you might be at risk for sleep apnea.


Send Your Results to Asleep at Home

After taking the sleep quiz, discuss your symptoms and results with our medical provider during a quick virtual visit. 


Complete a Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Sleep Study

The medical provider may recommend you schedule a Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Sleep Study to get a better idea of your sleeping habits. Our sleep tests can be done in the comfort of your home or at a nearby sleep lab.


Discuss Treatment Options

Our board-certified sleep specialist will review your sleep test results. If you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, you will receive a prescription for CPAP therapy and the necessary equipment. Read on for treatment options and next steps.


Order CPAP Mask & Equipment

Shop CPAP mask and equipment to find a mask to meet your specific needs. Your CPAP mask is one of the most important parts of therapy, so we provide a variety options to ensure comfort, durability and a restful night’s sleep. 


Be Asleep at Home!

With the right CPAP equipment, you will sleep better and gain back control of your life.

Sleep Test Options

Home Sleep Test

A Home Sleep Test is done from the comfort of your home. The night of the Home Sleep Test, you place the sensors on designated parts of the body to start the recording and go to sleep. Your results will be analyzed by Asleep at Home’s board-certified sleep specialists, and our clinical team will recommend the proper CPAP therapy treatment options. The Asleep at Home team strives to reduce overall medical costs and improve quality of life, which is why we recommend our Home Sleep Tests to diagnose Sleep Apnea.

In-Lab Study

Asleep at Home partners with many local hospitals to provide accurate, in-depth sleep studies.  During the In-Lab Sleep Study, our certified sleep technicians will place sensors on your body to monitor your sleep. During this type of study, you will be required to stay overnight at our hospital sleep lab, so you would bring everything needed for your usual sleeping routine, including pajamas and toiletries.

Did you know that nearly 1 billion people worldwide have sleep apnea?

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